The Farms

All of our products are handmade in Oman (in the Arabian peninsula) and we use ethically & locally sourced, wild harvested ingredients when possible. Frankincense is the first ingredient we fell in love with. We love visiting the frankincense trees, the owners of the frankincense farms, and the markets that sell frankincense. We only purchase frankincense that has been harvested in a sustainable manner, without damaging the trees or overharvesting them. We also use locally sourced myrrh, beeswax, honey, sidr leaves, roses, & arabian sea salt from Oman (and many more local ingredients).

We are also in love with our cute fur friends – the camels! They provide us with that liquid gold in their milk that truly sets our soaps apart. The farmers we work with lovingly care for their camels as if they were their own children. We are 100% cruelty-free here at Sacra. We love supporting our local farmers!!

ATTENTION: Our online shop is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for our re-launch announcement coming soon!
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